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Técnico Lisboa Carpooling

The platform Técnico Lisboa Carpooling is available from September 15.

Técnico Lisboa carpooling platform is now available allowing all members of IST community to share rides between the campuses (Alameda, Taguspark and CTN).

Carpooling is a simple and effective way of reducing the travel costs to and from Técnico, thus having a very positive impact on the environment and on the reduction of energetic consumption associated to the academic community mobility.

In addition, it contributes to the sustainability of the campuses, helps to relieve traffic in the city of Lisbon and avoids parking problems.

By using this carpooling platform, all people who study and work at Técnico will have more time to relax and get to know each other during ride-sharing, developing and improving human relations.

This platform is exclusively addressed to IST academic community.

The platform is available online or through the App “Técnico Lisboa Carpooling”, for Android and IOS. The user must log in using Fenix systems (CAS credentials).

Know more about Técnico Lisboa Carpooling.

The user must be authenticated by using Técnico ID credentials. Access to the platform is granted only to holders of an “” address.

The user/driver specifies the preferred route, commuting days, possible itinerary points as well as departure and arrival times. The users/passengers check the availability and choose the ride through the platform.

It is possible to evaluate each ride, aiming to improve the service and to increase trust among passengers.

In each ride, drivers and passengers will meet at a chosen time and place. In case of unforeseen changes, the driver and the passengers can communicate through the carpooling platform.