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Técnico professor among the most cited researchers in the world for the fourth consecutive time

Professor Mário Figueiredo is part of the 2017 Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researchers list.

Professor Mário Figueiredo is part of the 2017 Highly Cited Researchers list released by Clarivate Analytics. Mário Figueiredo, professor at Instituto Superior Técnico and researcher at Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT), has been named in the last four years. “Proud” is the word that better describes how the IT researcher feels for being part of this list. “I am pleased to know that the work that I carried out, or rather that I participated in, has had significant impact and influence. It would not have been possible to achieve such results without the collaboration of colleagues and students”, says professor Mário Figueiredo.

The research of professor Mário Figueiredo is focused on computational techniques of image reconstruction applied in areas such as magnetic resonance imaging or satellite images. The IT researcher is author of 9 articles on algorithms for image restoration and reconstruction, for example, restoration of blurred noisy images, which earned him the inclusion of his name in HCR’s list. The professor refers that each article is very “innovative” because it“approaches a new scenario that has not yet been approached effectively (for example, a certain type of noise)” and in other cases they “present a well known problem proposing a much more fast method than the previous ones”, explained the professor.

The inclusion of faculty/researchers from Técnico in this renowned list is extremely important to the school. After all, as professor Mário Figueiredo recalls, global “rankings” of higher education institutions, namely ARWU – Academic Ranking of World Universities, are based on the number of Highly Cited Researchers, among other criteria. “The rankings and the names of faculty/researchers appearing in this list is very prestigious for Técnico”, adds the professor. The list includes more than 3500 researchers worldwide. In the field of engineering, the list includes only 177 names from 44 European institutions.

The professor believes that, in the future, Técnico will have more faculty/researchers included in the list. Last year, professor José Bioucas-Dias was also part of the list. “Técnico has been increasing its scientific production so I hope to see more names from IST on Highly Cited Researchers list, declares the professor.

Besides professor Mário figueiredo, five more Portuguese researchers are included in Thomson Reuter’s list: professors Miguel Araújo from Universidade de Évora, Nuno Peres from Universidade do Minho, Delfim Torres from Universidade de Aveiro, Lillian Barros and Isabel Ferreira, both from Instituto Politécnico de Bragança.