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Técnico Solar Boat wins Innovation of the Year Award

Besides winning this award, the project team celebrated fruitful partnerships.

Técnico Solar Boat (TSB) won the Innovation of the Year Award “for an outstanding contribution to scientific and technological research in the field of renewable energies in powerboating”. An opportunity to celebrate a partnership with the Portuguese Powerboating Federation and Portuguese Sport Foundation came up, which allowed TSB to officially represent Portugal in international competitions, as well as a generous monetary support – around € 50,000 – and the possibility of contact with a very wide network. “Money is always critical in this type of projects. Unlike other projects, we have serious difficulties to obtain funding for the necessary materials in due time”, explains Dinis Rodrigues, the TSB team leader. “Now that we have the support from the Portuguese Powerboating Federation, we expect to overcome this problem, which will reduce the construction time of our boats”, he adds.

The project team was invited to participate in the annual powerboating national gala, held on December 1st. “The Portuguese Powerboating Federation wanted to demonstrate its commitment to our project and invited us to exhibit our boat, thus promoting renewable energy”, said the TSB team leader. The team presented São Rafael 01 (SR 01) and shared the next projects, namely the construction of SR02 – the next prototype that is already under construction.

“We are thrilled to receive this recognition and it will remain forever in the history of our project. This is a small part of what Técnico students are able to do”, stresses Dinis Rodrigues.

As reported by the team “we believe that Técnico Solar Boat can win the Solar & Energy Boat Challenge, to be held next Summer, in Monaco”. “Without the support and encouragement of our professors, our success wouldn’t have been possible. Técnico is, undoubtedly, the best engineering school of our country”, says the team leader.