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“Técnico will always be a part of our lives”

“Técnico will always be a part of our lives”. These were the words of the President of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, in the welcome session for new students, held this Friday, September 16, at Taguspark campus, before the course presentation sessions – Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, and Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering. The President of Técnico talked about the history of the school and called for the participation of new students in the several student groups and cultural activities. “The secret to succeed at Técnico is to set specific and well-defined goals”, said professor Rogério Colaço.

The Vice-president of Técnico for the management of Taguspark campus, professor Helena Galhardas, congratulated the new students and said “it is with great pleasure that I welcome you here”. Professor Helena Galhardas shared important information about the campus life and services, the student groups at Taguspark campus, and called for the involvement of the new students in the activities developed by the student groups. “There is more to life than studying”, she said.

Matilde Reis, Técnico student and representative of Técnico Students’ Union (AEIST), talked about AEIST activities, challenged the new students to get involved in the various student groups and stressed the importance of time management.

Professor Carlos Santos Silva, member of the Pedagogical Council, invited the new students to actively participate in the activities developed by the student groups and the governing bodies.

Leonor Matos, Técnico student and member of the Executive Commission of the Pedagogical Council, reinforced the importance of time management “your efforts will be rewarded”, she said.

The course presentation sessions held at Alameda campus included Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Engineering in Mining and Energy Resources, Civil Engineering and Architecture.

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