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The Boston Consulting Group rewards academic excellence at Técnico

The Técnico student Alexandra Esperança Gonçalves received the “Best in Class BCG” Merit Award. More than 25 Técnico students received an academic merit diploma.

The “Best in Class BCG” Academic Merit Award , which aims to reward the best student of management curricular unit, was delivered this Monday, 18th November, at Técnico – Alameda campus, in Abreu Faro amphitheatre. More than 25 academic merit diplomas were delivered to the students who stood out in this curricular unit in the 2018/19 academic year.

“Management curricular unit is very important because many of our graduates end up holding management positions”, said the president of Técnico, professor Arlindo Oliveira. “Students actually learn a lot of skills in management area that will be most useful for their professional life”, he added. Professor Arlindo Oliveira also highlighted “the quality and merit of Técnico students”.

According to professor João Oliveira Soares, responsible for management curricular unit “we have worked hard to provide students with a comprehensive background”. José Ferreira, Managing Director & Partner at BCG, thanked “Técnico for the opportunity to work together on several fronts. Our company is looking for professionals with different profiles because we think that diversity brings extraordinary richness”.

The Técnico student Alexandra Esperança Gonçalves received the “Best in Class BCG” Academic Merit Award amounting to €1,300. More than 25 students received an academic merit diploma for their outstanding achievements in management curricular unit. BCG also donates €867 to management curricular unit, in order to improve teaching quality.

“We believe that the way companies are organised will change radically”, said José Ferreira. “A bionic company is a company that is based on human capacity, but also takes full advantage of its technology, thus obtaining faster and more optimised results” he added.