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Professor Arlindo Oliveira launches a book on digital minds

The book explains how advances in science and technology can lead to changes in humanity.

Machine learning will make machines intelligent, just as computational biology will allow to model, simulate and understand biological and brain systems. This evolution may result in the emergence of a new conception of the mind. Professor Arlindo Oliveira addresses these topics in his book “The Digital Mind: How Science is Redefining Humanity”, published by MIT Press, which will be presented tomorrow, May 17, at FNAC Colombo.

“The idea of this book was to give a technical but accessible view of the technologies that will support the next stage of human evolution”, explains the author. And digital minds will eventually be part of the next stage. According to professor Arlindo de Oliveira digital minds will come into existence. “I don’t know if digital minds will be our rivals or our partners. I hope the last one will prevail”, he noted.

The book discusses the impact of these evolutions in society. According to the President of Técnico, the easiest way of dealing with this new conception of the mind is to understand it, “so that we can live with it” and make these digital minds contribute to the development of society. “Many years from now they may be our descendants”, he says.