Campus and Community

“The world needs your talent”

These are the words of professor Rogério Colaço, president of Técnico, to the new students, at the welcome ceremony held this Friday.

“I am very happy to see you here today. It’s been a long time. It’s a unique and fantastic moment, and you are in fact a breath of fresh air”, said the president of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, at the welcome ceremony, held this Friday, October 1, at Alameda campus.

“You are highly talented students. You must stay focused on your academic goal, which is to learn; getting good grades will be a consequence of that”, he added. “Think on your expectations and then, when you have the answer to it, define your academic path and be demanding with yourselves. Don’t waste your talent. The world needs your talent”.

The president of the Pedagogical Council (CP), professor Teresa Peña, highlighted that the new teaching model will allow a more flexible curriculum approach: “Teaching and research will go hand in hand”. The president of CP stressed the important role of the Student Support Unit (NAPE), the Academic Development Office (NDA) and the Technology Transfer Office (TT@Técnico), which help the CP to fulfil its mission. The importance of the course delegates, while student representatives, has also been emphasized by professor Teresa Peña.

“Congratulations on your hard work and dedication that brought you here and that will guide you towards a successful future that starts now”, said the president of IST Student Union (AEIST), Francisco Santos. “Step out of your comfort zone, not only as professionals, not only as academics, but above all as people”, he added.

More than 1500 students have enrolled until this Thursday

The enrollment process started at 00:00 hours this Monday, September 27. By the end of this Thursday, more than 1560 students were already enrolled.

Hundreds of new students have visited the Técnico campuses since this Monday afternoon. In total, 500 mentors welcomed and guided the new students.

The 1st year students will start their classes on 4th October.

This year, Técnico admitted 1649 new students and has set once again the highest admission grade in national Higher Education.