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Técnico attracts top talent

Welcome week: Day 1 dedicated to welcome the new Técnico students - Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Physics, Applied Mathematics and Computation and Biomedical Engineering courses.

After months of hard work and a few weeks of suspense, the new Técnico students arrived this Monday, 9th September, at Alameda campus. Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Physics, Applied Mathematics and Computation and Biomedical Engineering students had the opportunity to enroll and register, to meet some colleagues and faculty and to learn more about Técnico.

“I grew up hearing about Técnico. My whole family studied here: grandparents, parents and uncles, so this is a place particularly dear to me”, explains Inês Moreira, who has always been interested in Physics. “When I heard about the Engineering Physics course at Técnico everything began to make sense”, she recalls. “I want to work at CERN, in the field of experimental physics, so Técnico is the better place to study”, she stresses. “It was a dream come true”, she confessed. She had an admission average of 19,7 and she is ready to work hard. “I know that Engineering Physics is a very demanding course, but I am expecting to meet people who have the same passion for Physics that I have. I believe that mutual aid plays a very important role”, says Inês Moreira.

A welcome session was held during the afternoon. The president of Técnico, professor Arlindo Oliveira, praised all students and gave some advice. “You will study subjects that interest you and that will contribute to the development of mankind”. According to professor Arlindo Oliveira, the success of Técnico is largely due to its students: “We have been able to attract top students who, after graduating, contribute to improve Técnico’ s image”.

“The president of Técnico said that it’s important not to give up. We are used to be the best but we must understand that now the level of difficulty will increase”, says Miguel Mendes, Applied Mathematics and Computation student, whose first choice was Engineering Physics. “I like both courses and I am happy that I managed to get into Técnico”, he adds. “My father studied here so I have always heard about the teaching excellence at Técnico since I was a kid. I know where I am getting into, but I also know that this is exactly what I want”, says Miguel Mendes.