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TL Moto wins 3rd place in the National Speed Championship

The Técnico team won the championship in the “Premoto3” category.

The TLMoto team won the 3rd place in the National Speed Championship in the “Premoto3” category. According to Diogo Vicente, the team leader, “we participate in this championship for 3 years. Our tream has constantly evolved and this result proves that”.

“In all stages we learnt from the other experienced teams. However, we were also able to share with them many innovative ideas based on what we learn at Técnico”, highlights the student.

According to Diogo Vicente “ranking 3rd was possible thanks to all the sponsors who trusted us this year. I must highlight the biggest news we had on our motorbike, which was one of the main reasons for our good performance, the Yamaha engine that MotosVR gave us to compete in the National Speed Championship 2020”.

“This was a great year for our team”, says Diogo Vicente. “If we had been able to prepare the championship as we planned in December 2019, it would be even better. However, I think it is important to always draw positive lessons from adversities”, says the Técnico student. “The lesson we took from this year is that this pandemic brought us even more together as a team, which allowed us to fight against everything and everyone in order to achieve our goal, participate in the National Speed Championship with the best possible motorbike. I think we reached our goal!”, he adds.

“We are approaching new leadership and membership transition and we know that the work done so far will be in good hands. Surely, we will have more good news about TLMoto in the near future”, says Diogo Vicente.