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“We are experiencing the IoT explosion”

The Internet of Things connects both real and virtual “things” and is gaining ground with the significant increase of smart objects.

“We are experiencing the IoT explosion” says Luís Lamela, from golabs.IoT – Altice Portugal, during a lecture on “IoT Connectivity Options” organised by Técnico +, this Wednesday, September 18th. The IoT business potential growth estimates point to “an exponential growth curve, quickly reaching billions of dollars in IoT business volume”, he stressed. In addition, there is “the widespread perception that IoT will impact our lives considerably”.

Luís Lamela presented the existing IoT communications technologies, their key differentiating features and fields of application. Another topics addressed were the potential selection criteria for communication technologies in IoT projects and its solutions. “Reliability/availability, coverage, cost, power, latency and bandwidth are the relevant features” when choosing communication technology for IoT projects

This lecture is part of the course “Internet of Things (IoT)” organised by Técnico + and will be coordinated by professor Augusto Casaca. The course will take place on October 17th. Applications are open until October 4th. This course aims “to present the concept of IoT and its supporting technologies, address security and privacy, give an insight into the services available and IoT market trends”.

This 6.5-hour course is designed for executives and technical managers who need to develop the key concepts and skills for getting started in IoT, in order to make better decisions regarding IoT investment and operational proposals, and professionals who have to implement Industry 4.0 concepts or have interest to work with IoT platforms.