Do you want to be one of Técnico’s nominees for the Pan-European Seal programme 2021/2022?

Pan-European Seal programme is a Traineeship Programme offered by EPO – European Patent Office (EPO – Pan European Seal Professional Traineeship Programme) – and EUIPO – European Union Intellectual Property Office – for students and alumni of some of the biggests european universities.

Instituto Superior Técnico is one of the partner universities and is inviting its students and recent alumni to participate in this programme and to experience what is like to work in an intellectual property office for a year.

The EPO Munich and the EUIPO Alicante are looking for graduates in Science and Engineering. Specific knowledge in these areas is highly valued.

Last year, 6 Técnico students and alumni were selected to work in different areas of EUIPO and EPO. Currently they are in the middle of the programme. Don’t miss this opportunity!

About the programme:
Traineeship Programme offered by EPO and EUIPO. It’s a 12 months and 2 weeks programme at EPO Munich or EUIPO Alicante and pays around €1.000 – €2.000 month. The programme starts in september 2021. This year part of the programme will be online.

How can I apply?
Candidates can only be accepted if proposed by their university. In this way, all those interested in applying via Técnico must use this registration form until 1st March 2021.

About the job training:
Trainees are fully integrated in EUIPO-Alicante or EPO-Munique.
Multicultural work experience.
Team working.
Supervision system.


  • Online training:
    IP and non-IP courses available.
    Academy Learning Portal.
    Online Language courses.
    Webinars and events.
  • Other activities:
    Trainees’ Orientation Programme.
    Face to face language courses.
    Conferences and Events.

More information:
•  EPO  |  • EUIPO

If you have any doubts please send an email to TT@Técnico: