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Fidelidade joins Técnico partner network

Fidelidade's entry as a Gold member of Técnico's partner network will allow greater proximity between various institutions and support for the initiatives of the School and its students.

This Wednesday, May 18th, the Técnico celebrated another protocol. This time the Meeting Room of the Central Building was prepared to receive the insurance company Fidelidade, which now joins the Técnico Network Partners as a Gold member, with an active participation in several initiatives and projects.

The activities of proximity to the talents, with the participation in the AEIST JobShop (employment fair of the Association of Students of Técnico), participation at the week careers SINFO, an event dedicated to technology with lectures, workshops and presentations of companies, collaboration with the Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering Days (JEEC), the Business and Technological Week (SET) and a talent search meeting, are part of Fidelidade’s participation plans to work together with Técnico.

But also, the award of two merit awards, the support in the development of a 2nd cycle integrator project and advanced training through the Técnico+ program, are activities to be developed. The organization of a Research-Industry Workshop and the support with two master’s scholarships and two doctoral scholarships are also part of the beginning of this cooperation.

The protocol between Técnico and Fidelidade will also promote a Research-Industry Workshop, as well as support with two 10-month grants for master’s students and two 4-year grants for doctoral students within the scope of the LumLis project (Lisbon Unit for Learning and Intelligent Systems) at the area of artificial intelligence.

Professor Pedro Amaral, responsible for the business connections and operations of the Técnico said that this “moment of Fidelidade entry into the partners network has as intention of interaction with the school, namely in all relationships that will have, both with students, with teachers, with researchers and also in the perspectives of support to training that will exist within Fidelidade” an important role in highlighting the Técnico brand.

The president of Técnico, Professor Rogério Colaço was happy to see the openness and interest of Fidelidade to collaborate with técnico, from the first contact, and said that “these things are not done without trust between people.”

On Fidelidade’s part, the director for institutional relations, Mário São Vicente, said with conviction that “we will not be just another patron. We will promote the deepening and interconnection between the academic and business aspects. We will foster the acceleration of innovation, developing joint projects that cross the interests of Fidelidade and the research and development capabilities of the Technician. We will look for future students collaborators of Fidelidade. For us we start tomorrow!”