About the project

A research team led by professors Paulo Peças and Marco Leite (Department of Mechanical Engineering at Técnico – DEM), produced large quantities of 3D printed medical shields in partnership with RapidToll and TJmoldes.

The idea of developing this material started after several hospitals have reported the need of some medical equipment. The Técnico researchers identified the material that was lacking and, in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine [Universidade de Lisboa], began producing medical face shields with some specific characteristics, although the model is based on a project that already existed.

After validation by a health professional at Hospital de Santa Maria, the team of researchers started the production of medical shields with the support of Fórum Mecânica (Mechanical Engineering Student Group at Técnico).

In early April, more than 1000 3D printed medical shields had already been delivered to hospitals. Shortly after that, RapidTool and TJmoldes joined the project, which allowed to produce large quantities of medical shields. Currently, the healthcare professionals in need of this medical equipment, free of charge, must contact AEIST (viseiras@aeist.pt).