National Admission to Higher Education

Upon completing secondary education, students who wish to obtain a higher education course at IST must apply through the National Admission to higher Education (CNAES – Concurso Nacional de Acesso ao Ensino Superior), in order to register in an undergraduate course (1st study cycle) or in an integrated master’s programme (1st and 2nd study cycle), according to the students’ desired field of study. Applications are through the Central Admission Offices for Portuguese Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Science, taking into account the required access conditions for each course.

For further information contact the Student Support Unit.

Minimum Admission Grades

The entry requirements for the application to the IST Courses are as follows (on a scale of 0 to 200 grade points):

  • Minimum grade point of 100 in each of the entrance exams (national exams in secondary education), except for the Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computation where the minimum grade required is 120, and;
  • Minimum point of 120 in the admission grade (AG), except for the Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computation where the minimum grade required is 140. The admission grade is calculated using a 50% average of the national exams in secondary education (MS) and another 50% average of the national admission examinations (AE) results.
    Calculation Formula for Admission Grade: AG = MS x 50% + AE x 50% (i.e. arithmetic average of the final grade of secondary education and the national admission exams)

Programmes 2021-2022:

Undergraduate Programmes:

Course Vacancies1 MGP2 Campus URL
Aerospace Engineering 120 190.5 Alameda
Environmental Engineering 31 157.5 Alameda
Biological Engineering 61 176.3 Alameda
Biomedical Engineering 87 183.5 Alameda
Civil Engineering 129 140.8 Alameda
Electronics Engineering 34 153.5 Taguspark
Electrical and Computer Engineering 220 165.5 Alameda
Engineering Physics 92 189.5 Alameda
Industrial Engineering and Management 69 175.5 Taguspark
Computer Science and Engineering 178 174.0 Alameda
Computer Science and Engineering 90 165.0 Taguspark
Materials Engineering 25 163.0 Alameda
Mechanical Engineering 160 180.3 Alameda
Engineering in Mining and Energy Resources 20 128.3 Alameda
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering 30 166.3 Alameda
Chemical Engineering 75 168.5 Alameda
Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering 55 147.3 Taguspark
Applied Mathematics and Computation 52 184.5 Alameda

Integrated Master’s Programmes:

Course Vacancies1 MGP2 Campus URL
Architecture 47 162.0 Alameda
– Available vacancies for the academic year 2021/22
2 – MGP: Minimum Grade Point (grade of the last student placed by the general quota in the 1st phase of the 2021 National Competition for Access to Higher Education (CNAES))

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For further information consult the Directorate-General for Higher Education’s website.