Applications for Master’s programmes (1st call – 2022/23)

Applications for Master’s programmes (1st call) are open from 14th March to 15th April and aim at students who have completed an Undergraduate programme.

Applications for Master’s programmes (1st call) are open from 14th March to 15th April.

The 1st call of applications is opened to applicants who have finished the 1st cycle of studies (Undergraduate programme) proven by official documents.

The publication of results will take place on 2nd May and the enrolment period will run from 20th June to 8th July 2022. The vacancies not filled in the 1st Call will be made available in the 2nd Call of applications, from 27th June to 27th July.

The 2nd call of application is opened to applicants who prove to have finished a minimum of 150 ECTS, through official documents. These applicants will have to sign a Declaration under Oath attesting their 1st cycle (Undergraduate programme) average grade and deliver the final 1st cycle (Undergraduate programme) certificate/Diploma until the enrolment date.

Students enrolled in an Undergraduate programme or Integrated Master Programme before the implementation of the New Teaching Model will have direct access to Master’s programmes, within the scope of the transition period, and in one of the situations foreseen in the Regulation for Admission to Master’s programmes (Dispatch 2965/2021 of 18th May 2021).

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For more information about the study programmes and academic experience, you can schedule an online conversation or a campus visit with the Student Support Unit. For questions about the application process, please contact the Admissions Office.

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