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Best Engineering Physics student distinguished by Bondalti and Amélia de Mello Foundation

Maria Francisca Góis, integrated master’s student in Engineering Physics, won the 2nd edition of the Bondalti / Amélia de Mello Foundation Merit Award in Chemistry, for her outstanding achievement in this curricular unit (UC) – final grade: 20 – in the 2019/2020 academic year.

The Bondalti/ Amélia de Mello Foundation Merit Award in Chemistry worthing €1,290, was delivered this Wednesday, September 23. The ceremony was attended by the Secretary-General of Amélia de Mello Foundation (FAM), Jorge Quintas, the Human Resources Director at Bondalti, Luís Wissmann, the Técnico President, professor Rogério Colaço, the IST Vice-president for Operations and Enterprise Relations, professor Pedro Amaral, the President of the Department of Chemical Engineering (DEQ/IST), professor Teresa Duarte. Professor Ana Rego, responsible for the curricular unit, and professor Luísa Martins, General Chemistry professor, also attended the event.

“I am very honoured to be able to give this award, which represents 100-year relationship between Técnico and the CUF group, and includes former students and professors of our school”, said the Técnico president. “Our partners support allows us to reward our students, and that’s something that makes us very proud”, he added.

“Alfredo da Silva, founder of CUF group, was also a very good chemistry student who attended an excellent school”, recalled the secretary-general of FAM. “Brilliant students deserve recognition, as well as the school and the professors who inspire them. It is therefore very important for us the commitment to the school, to Portugal and to education, which are very important elements in building a society”, said Jorge Quintas.

The idea that students’ merit should be awarded was also highlighted by the Human Resources director at Bondalti, “our company has the tradition of supporting and investing in academic research, valuing and recognizing meritocracy. We think that good students must be recognized through such award ceremonies”.

“This award is a great incentive for students. I was really surprised to receive this award”, said Maria Francisca Góis.

This award also includes a €860 donation to DEQ/IST to support investment in teaching and learning. “We would like to thank FAM and Bondalti for their support, which values not only students, but also DEQ/IST itself”, said professor Teresa Duarte.