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DEEC Laboratory renovated with the support of Feedzai

The inauguration of the “Feedzai Lab”, located at the North Tower (Alameda campus), took place this Tuesday.

The “Feedzai Lab” (DEEC‘s renovated laboratory) located in the North Tower, was inaugurated this Tuesday, February 8.

“I would like to thank Feedzai for being a member of Técnico Partner Network since 2019. This Partner Network allows Técnico to achieve one of its most important goals: to make our work accessible, relevant and responsive to the needs and insights of society. Training and education heavily rely on partnerships with companies and industry”, said professor Rogério Colaço, president of Técnico.

Professor Rogério Colaço highlighted the importance of “investing in laboratories and in talent”, and shared: “I hope this relationship continues to be fruitful for both parties”.

“This connection that we have with academia has been present since the beginning of the company and it is something that we know has been absolutely crucial in our ongoing success”, said João Ascensão, Senior Director of Research, AI at Feedzai. “Fortunately, we are at a stage where Feedzai has grown to the point where it can give back a little”, he added. This partnership, which now results in this renovated laboratory, “aims to recognise this positive impact, the good things we got from academia and to help building a robust academia”.

João Ascensão highlighted the importance of physical learning spaces, “given the important role these have played in enhancing students learning”. “That is why we are very happy to collaborate in this lab renovation. We hope students can get the most out of it, it’s really the most important”, he added.

The head of DEEC, professor José Santos-Victor, reinforced his gratitude to Feedzai for supporting Técnico in the renovation of this space: “We are completely committed to identify, develop and retain talent”. “We know that Feedzai has a very strong tradition of bringing together economic development, value creation, and we have the same motto,” he added.

Professors, researchers and Feedzai staff met in a workshop aimed to present the Chair on Machine Learning created under the partnership between Feedzai and Técnico, to discuss future scientific collaborations and to inform about the scholarship programme that will be launched soon.

Several members of Feedzai team attended the ceremony: Pedro Saleiro (Director of AI Research), Sara Guerreiro Sousa (Senior Research Manager), Sofia Gomes (Research Data Engineer) and Beatriz Malveiro (Senior Data Visualization Engineer). Engineer Pedro Bizarro, co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Feedzai, participated remotely in both events.

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