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6 DEI/IST laboratories were renovated with the support of the business sector

Six DEI/IST laboratories were renovated with the support of Deloitte, SKY, Xpand IT, Sonae MC, Accenture and Novabase/Celfocus. The inauguration ceremony held this Wednesday, December 15, brought together members of Técnico governing bodies and the company representatives Dr António Lagartixo (CEO at Delloite), Eng António Vieira (Director at Sky Tecnology Centre- Portugal), Eng Rui Maia (partner at Xpand IT), eng Susana Mata (Administrator at Accenture), eng Bruno Mourão (Head of IT Transformation and IT Strategy & Experimentation at  Sonae MC), and eng Álvaro Ferreira ( Board Member at Novabase S.G.P.S), as well as Técnico professors and researchers.

Each company representative and the president of Técnico inaugurated the respective laboratory.

The company representatives underline their willingness to continue collaborating with Técnico

Dr António Lagartixo reiterated Deloitte’s interest to continue collaborating with Técnico. “At Deloitte, we believe that technology is an absolutely crucial thing, with and increasing importance, not only nationally but internationally and, therefore, we are very interested in having more human resources trained with these skills”.

Engineer António Vieira recalled his academic path at Técnico and shared: “It is a great pleasure to be here today representing SKY and to be able to contribute to improve the learning conditions of Técnico students because we need them in our companies”.

Engineer Rui Maia, who is also a Técnico alumnus, stressed: “It gives me great pleasure to visit these renovated facilities and to provide this opportunity for current students”.

Engineer Susana Mata thanked the opportunity to be part of this project and highlighted the value of national human resources, recognizing the important role played by Técnico on this regard. “My experience is that Portuguese universities train our students very well, and that they stand out internationally. I have never had any problems to put these people working in Accenture’s offices around the globe”.

According to engineer Bruno Mourão, another Técnico alumnus, “I am very proud to see this renovation happenning”. The alumnus underlined the willingness of Sonae MC to continue collaborating with Técnico “whether in Master’s degree theses, innovation, or in these types of projects”.

“We are very pleased to see this initiative that brings together several companies”, said engineer Álvaro Ferreira, who also highlighted the “very strong link” between Técnico and Celfocus, a Novabase Group company. “We very much welcome Técnico graduates and we hope that our small contribution (because we know that much more can be done) can help Técnico to continue promoting academic excellence”.

Professor Rogério Colaço: “We are celebrating the effective recognition of Técnico talent”

Before the inauguration of the laboratories, the president of Técnico, Rogério Colaço, the Vice president of Técnico for Operations & Corporate Relationships, professor Pedro Amaral, and the president of DEI, professor Nuno Nunes, together with the company representatives, Técnico professors and DEI researchers met at Salão Nobre (IST – Alameda campus) to mark the occasion.

Professor Rogério Colaço, president of Técnico, recalled the “extremely demanding and complex financing framework” of public higher education institutions, which prevents Técnico from investing in its infrastructure.

However, Técnico sought to find a solution to face this situation, through these partnerships, in order to improve the teaching conditions. “Today, we are witnessing a great transformation and we are celebrating the effective recognition of Técnico talent”.

“I hope this event will be the first of many others that will take place in the future and that will allow Técnico to further improve one of its goals: to train talent that transforms a country”.

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