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Five Técnico courses hit a 0% unemployment rate

Infocursos provides information on employability among recent graduates every year. Five Técnico courses hit a 0% unemployment rate. Architecture, Engineering Physics, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Telecommunications and Informatics, Computer Science and Engineering – Taguspark campus, are among the 68 courses with full employment rate.

Most Técnico courses have a 99% employment rate. Courses with an unemployment rate below 1%: Electrical and Computer Engineering (0.2%), Aerospace Engineering (0.5%), Industrial Engineering and Management (0.5%), Environmental Engineering (0.6%), and Electronics Engineering (0.6%) .Computer Science and Engineering – Alameda campus (0.7%), Mechanical Engineering (0.7%), Applied Mathematics and Computation (0.8%) and Materials Engineering (0.8%).

Biomedical Engineering (1.3%), Mining and Geological Engineering (1.5%), Civil Engineering (2.2%) Chemical Engineering (2.1%), Biological Engineering (2.8%).

The unemployment rate corresponds to the ratio between the number of recent graduates who are registered as unemployed and the total number of recent graduates of the course. A recent graduate, as the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education explains, “is a graduate student of the course in the reference period of 2014/15 – 2017/18” (academic year prior to data collection).

This information was released last Saturday, 18th July, 20 days before the start of the first phase of applications to public higher education. The first phase of applications will run from 7th to 23rd August. The results will be announced on 28th September. The second phase will run from 28th September to 9th October. The results will be released on 15th October. The third phase of applications will take place from 22nd to 26th October and the results will be announced on 30th October.