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McKinsey Portugal presents itself to Técnico students

Three Técnico alumni who are now working at McKinsey presented an information session to share the different career opportunities and to provide deeper insight into the recruitment process steps.

McKinsey organised an information session addressed to Técnico students on May 21. According to Nuno Meneses, Técnico alumnus and Associate Principal at McKinsey: “We don’t want to see our audience bored. We want to meet students’ expectations and to clarify their doubts”.

Students from different courses – Chemical Engineering, Information Systems and Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering – attended the session and had the opportunity to learn more about the recruitment process steps, the modus operandi at McKinsey and career development/progression.

The three alumni presented the company and the diversity of areas at McKinsey. According to Joana Magalhães Lina “if there is a problem we will solve it because Técnico gave us the right skills to do it”. “Anyone who has a passion may explore it at McKinsey”, said Nuno Meneses.