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Técnico’s Student Groups continue to strengthen links

The event brought together, once again, a huge number of representatives from Técnico’s Student Groups.

The 7th meeting of Técnico’s Student Groups was focused on “planning and anticipate the main activities of this academic year and, at the same time, presenting the new student groups”, explains Carla Patrocínio, the coordinator of the Technology Transfer Office at Técnico (TT@Técnico). “These student groups work closely with Técnico’s Student Union – AEIST, which supports the initiatives organised by students and also because many of these student groups are part of AEIST”, adds Carla Patrocínio.

The creation of synergy among the participants involved is the most important outcome of the session. One of the topics addressed in this edition were the recently approved regulations of Técnico’s Student Groups that aims to clarify the benefits and obligations of the student groups. The initiative Técnico@websummit 2017 was also disseminated.

Besides the usual speakers, the session was attended by Madalena Queirós, Director of Communication at Técnico, who challenged the students to write an article about the projects that they are working on for the Portuguese newspaper Público. These meetings are key to foster communication between Técnico and its students. According to the coordinator of TT@Técnico, these groups are a very important channel of communication “Many of these student groups strengthen links with their colleagues as soon as they arrive at Técnico and then become an important channel communication of their activities”.