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Deloitte gives merit award to Técnico Student

The merit award of 1,310 euros was awarded by Deloitte to Isabel Soares, a master's student at Técnico. DEI has also received a donation to improve teaching and learning conditions.

This Tuesday, May 31st, the ceremony of the Deloitte merit award in the amount of 1,310 euros to Isabel Soares, student of the Master’s Degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering (MEIC). The allocation also included a donation of 873 euros to improve teaching and learning conditions. It wasn’t 9 am yet and the room Q01 was already set to receive all the participants. Hervé Gaio da Silva, partner in the technology consulting area of Deloitte and Sara Rodrigues, people associate director of the company, were present at the event.

The opening session was attended by the President of the Técnico, Professor Rogério Colaço, who thanked Deloitte for helping Técnico to be even better and congratulated the awarded student. Hervé Gaio da Silva also congratulated the student and talked about the importance of the bet on quality, due to the duplication of certifications achieved by Deloitte in 2022 compared to the previous year. He also mentioned the existence of projects from other clients, which is why, justifies: “it makes perfect sense to be close to the academy of Técnico”, stating that many talents are needed, which leads them to believe that “this is a bet already won.”

Isabel Soares thanked Professor Cláudia Antunes of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DEI) for all the knowledge acquired to Deloitte for recognizing her work and to Técnico “for the level of excellence in teaching.” Professor Cláudia Antunes thanked Deloitte for the possibility “of bringing real data to the unit” she teaches, Data Science. Nuno Jardim Nunes, president of the DEI, welcomed the donation of 873 euros, reinforcing that “this aid is essential to bring the teaching of practical cases and real needs closer together. “He also thanked Professor Cláudia Antunes for the work she has been developing, in a unit that already has 250 students enrolled.

Professor Pedro Amaral, Vice President of Técnico and responsible for Business Connections and Operations also thanked Deloitte for giving the award and set the tone for the Talent Search Meeting (which allowed bringing new talents to the company), and took place during the morning, with the presence of several students.