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Two teams win Novabase Merit Award in Software Engineering

The 3rd edition of Novabase Merit Award in Software Engineering took place last Tuesday, September 29. Although the award regulations foresees only winner, the excellence of the work carried out divided jury’s verdict, and two teams won the award: “es20al_18” and “AtLETIco F.C”

Four teams composed of students enrolled in Software Engineering curricular unit (uc) competed for this €1,250 award. Based on a distance learning platform, students were challenged to find gaps, provide solutions, add functions and improvements to the product they considered important in the learning process, making the user experience more positive.

The ceremony was attended by the President of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, the Vice-president of Técnico for Operations and Enterprise Relationships, professor Pedro Amaral and the president of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DEI), professor José Carlos Monteiro; the CEO of Novabase, João Nuno Bento and the Head of Talent Acquisition for Novabase Academy, Dr. Isabel Costa, were also present.

The finalists presented their projects, listed some recommendations to improve the platform and highlighted the differentiating factors in each project. The jury was composed of professor António Rito, responsible for Software Engineering uc, professor João Ferreiro, also professor of Software Engineering uc, and engineer Paulo Ferro, Associate Specialist at Novabase.

“This project was, first of all, a way to keep us together and communicate in times of the coronavirus pandemic. I think it was a great asset for us, because we focused on our purpose and we learnt from it”, said Daniel Serafim, member of “ es20al_18” team.

“It was difficult to choose the winner, which is a good sign”, said professor António Rito, explaining that the decision of awarding two teams was based on the quality of the works and their differentiating aspects.

The awarded students are Daniel Serafim, Daniel Matos, João Dinis, Tiago Fonseca and Tomás Inácio from “es20al_18” team, and Afonso Sousa, André Marques, João Achando, Miguel Franco, Oleksandr Stopchak and Ricardo Vaz from “AtLETIco F.C” team.

This award also includes a €850 donation to DEI to improve teaching quality.