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Professor Fátima Montemor awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Mons

Professor Fátima Montemor, Vice-president of Técnico for Research and International Affairs, Técnico professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering (DEQ) and researcher at Centro de Química Estrutural (CQE) will be awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Mons (Belgium).

“I am very honoured and obviously very happy and proud for this distinction”, says the Vice president of Técnico. “Especially because I was surprised by the invitation, as I wasn’t aware of that intention, and because I was selected from a long list of names that were proposed by the different faculties and schools that are part of this University”, she adds.

The name of the DEQ professor was proposed by the Faculty of Engineering, founded in 1837, which in 2009 merged with the University of Mons-Hainaut, thus creating the University of Mons. Professor Fátima Montemor highlights the long tradition of the Faculty of Engineering “in the same areas of expertise as Técnico, being one of the leading engineering schools in Belgium”. “It is very well positioned in rankings, namely Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering”, says the CQE researcher.

“I have collaborated with the Faculty of Engineering at the level of student exchange, participation in thesis juries, workshops, open days or other events”, shares the Vice president of Técnico. However, this collaboration goes far beyond that, and it is strengthened by a close work with her colleagues “in order to stimulate the European and International community to certain issues related to my research area, and to disseminate the best of what is being done in terms of science in our schools ”.

According to the DEQ professor, “this has created great confidence and very solid cooperation, whose aim is more than just scientific collaboration, since the goals are much more ambitious than a mere personal scientific interest”. “I think that this common goal, which is broader and voluntary, resulted in a strong mutual respect among those involved”, says professor Fátima Montemor.

The Vice president of Técnico considers that this distinction is the highest honour in academics. “In fact, it is very rewarding to see our work, our generosity and time being acknowledged in this way”.

“There are things that we do because we like it, because we are passionate about science and because we want to share that enthusiasm with others. Typically these activities are designed for the community, to help students and young researchers, to boost our thematic working areas and to strengthen ties between countries and between research groups”, says professor Fátima Montemor. “It feels very good to see this work rewarded and recognised in this way. Knowing that our name is ‘chosen’ from a long list of big names makes us frankly proud. It is certainly a great honour”, she adds.

The Doctor Honoris Causa award ceremony is scheduled for 11th May, but due to the pandemic context it may be postponed.

Professor Fátima Montemor graduated in Chemical Engineering from Técnico, in 1989, and completed her PhD in Chemical Engineering in 1995. She is full professor at DEQ and researcher at CQE. Currently she holds the position of Vice president of Técnico for Research and International Affairs.

The scientific interests of Professor Fátima Montemor focus on the development of functional and smart coatings, namely smart self-healing coatings with applications in the automotive, aeronautics and offshore industry; biodegradable coatings for protection of metal implants; protective coatings for applications in the area of telecommunications and electronics and highly conductive coatings for energy storage. She authored 260 scientific articles and her name is included in the lists of highly cited researchers worldwide, in her research area.