Master’s Degree – 2nd study cycle

You may apply for a Master’s or an integrated master’s (2nd study cycle) under the following conditions:

  • If you have completed an undergraduate or an integrated masters (1st study cycle) at Instituto Superior Técnico, even though with no scientific consistency with the course of the 2nd study cycle that you wish to apply to;
  • Hold an undergraduate degree (1st study cycle) in the field of Science and Technology (except in the case of the 2nd study cycle in Architecture which requires a 1st study cycle programme in Architecture);
  • Hold either an academic, scientific or professional curriculum verifying the capability to complete the master’s programme you are applying to.

The applicants who are finishing an undergraduate degree or an integrated masters of a 1st study cycle, may submit the application within the deadlines set for this purpose, being subjected to the later delivery of documentation proving the finalization of the 1st study cycle until 30th September of the year of application. For further information contact the Graduate Area.

Vacations number 2018–2019

Master’s Programmes

Course Vacancies 2nd Phase 3 MFCmin 1 Cmin 2 Campus URL
Bioengineering and Nanosystems (MBioNano) 12 120 120 Alameda
Biotechnology (MBiotec) 4 120 120 Alameda
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (MENO) 10 100 100 Alameda
Electronics Engineering (MEE) 14 100 100 Taguspark
Pharmaceutical Engineering (MEFarm) 0 100 100 Alameda
Mining and Geological Engineering (MEGM) 22 100 100 Alameda
Data Science and Engineering (MECD) 10 Alameda
Energy Engineering and Management (MEGE) 0 100 100 Alameda
Industrial Engineering and Management (MEGI) 0 120 100 Taguspark
Information Systems and Computer Engineering (MEIC-A) 0 120 100 Alameda
Information Systems and Computer Engineering (MEIC-T) 0 120 100 Taguspark
Petroleum Engineering (MEP) 26 100 100 Alameda
Engineering and System Transportation (MEST) 0 100 100 Alameda
Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering (METI) 17 100 100 Taguspark
Information and Enterprise Systems (MISE) 0 100 100 Alameda
Mathematics and Applications (MMA) 14 120 120 Alameda
Microbiology (Microbio) 12 120 120 Alameda
Radiation Protection and Safety (MPSR) 5 100 100 Alameda
Chemistry (MQ) 16 100 100 Alameda
Information Security and Cyberspace Law (MSIDC) 16 100 100 Alameda

Integrated Master’s Programmes

Course Vacancies 2nd Phase 3 MFCmin 1 Cmin 2 Campus URL
Architecture (MA) 4 100 100 Alameda
Aerospace Engineering (MEAer) 4 100 100 Alameda
Environmental Engineering (MEAmbi) 13 100 100 Alameda
Biological Engineering (MEBiol) 11 120 120 Alameda
Biomedical Engineering (MEBiom) 3 140 140 Alameda
Civil Engineering (MEC) 14 100 100 Alameda
Electrical and Computer Engineering (MEEC) 23 120 120 Alameda
Engineering Physics (MEFT) 20 120 120 Alameda
Materials Engineering (MEM) 14 100 100 Alameda
Mechanical Engineering (MEMec) 14 100 100 Alameda
Chemical Engineering (MEQ) 13 100 100 Alameda
1 – MFCmin: Média Final de Curso.
2 – Cmin: Nota Mínima de Seriação [C = (0.4 × “Afinidade” + 0.3 × “Natureza”/5 + 0.3 × MFC/200) × 200].
3 – Conditional vacancies (to be confirmed).

Tuition fees

National Students: The tuition fee for the 2nd study cycle (integrated master’s degree or master’s degree) for the academic year 2017-2018, was established at 1063,47 euros. However, for the master’s degrees indicated below, a different fee adequate to the study field, will be applied:

  • Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Engineering – 2126,94 Eur (1st academic year) and 2126,94 Eur (2nd academic year).
  • Master’s Degree in Cyberspace Law and Information Security – 2500 Eur (1st academic year) and 2500 Eur (2nd academic year).

Selection Criteria

Students applying for a master’s or an integrated master’s of a 2nd study cycle at IST, the admission decisions and selection are the responsibility of the coordinator of the course you’re considering applying to, with the following criteria:

  1. Scientific affinity between the acquired course and the 2nd cycle programme that you are applying for;
  2. Nature of the academic degree earned;
  3. Academic progress of the attended course.

In the case of those applicants in which the programme of the 1st study cycle is considered not adequate in relation to the applied course, the selection board may exclude the applicant or propose a conditional admission subjected to a set of required propaedeutic units. These propaedeutic units cannot be more than 30 ECTS and a favourable grade in those units will be required in order to complete the course. The obtained grades in these units will not be included in the final classification grade of the course.

Application Fees

Institution Instituto Superior Técnico
Bank Name Santander Totta S.A. (IST branch)
IBAN PT50 0018 000344000867020 17
Fee 100 euros (per master program)


30th July to 15th August 2018 Submission of applications
7th September 2018 Publication of placement
10th to 14th September 2018 Enrolment and registrations
7th to 14th September 2018 Appeals and complaints about placement
24th Setembro 2018 Decision on appeals and complaints
24th to 28th September 2018 Registration for accepted appeals and complaints

Required Documents

To complete the application process it is necessary to submit the following scanned documents:

  • Recent Photo
  • Up-to-date CV
  • Official academic transcript with average grade
  • Identification document
  • Tax Identification Card
  • Bank transfer slip of the payment for the application fee

Application Fees

  • After submission of the application process an ATM reference will be generated to proceed with the bank transfer.
  • Use the ATM reference to make the payment.
  • The amount is 100 euros (for each course).

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